Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blogging Life

I had a comment awaiting moderation from someone who, for lack of a better word, had stalked me in the past. This person is practically young enough to be my son! We were friends at one time, but due to circumstances with my former church and what they did to me, I have a very small handful of people from that church who I can trust and he is not one of them. He had expressed interest in me beyond friendship at one point right after my ex-fiancé and I broke up. I considered changing my blog from public to private but found that it is a pain to do so... Blogger only allows 99 viewers. Unfortunately they do not have a way to block a specific viewer, although they will be getting a suggestion from me to do so. It seems you should be able to block specific people from your blog if you want to.

Anyway, the purpose of my blog is to be an encouragement and help to others and to allow those close to me in my life to know some of what's happening in my life. Changing it at this point is too difficult so it will remain the same. I just hope that this person gets the hint and for his own emotional health stops stalking me. Sadly, I think he really needs some counseling but the church he goes to only "allows" counseling within the church. I really think he could benefit from some good counseling. I do care about him as my brother in Christ, but do not need to be bothered by him, especially when, sadly, there is no trust in the relationship.

Thanks to those of you who follow and encourage me along the journey,



  1. Well put!! I find encouragement in your blogs- you are brave enough to say many things I would never be strong enough to admit about myself. It is sad that there are people out there that don't understand limits.

    1. Thanks Jenna - my goal is to be an encouragement to others. It is sad some don't understand boundaries that should be kept but after a lot of debate this afternoon I decided that it is their responsibility not mine. May I ask how you came across my blog? Just curious. :-)