Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nineteen weeks!

Well, I finished Dam to Dam yesterday. For me it was a HUGE triumph in spite of not having a real good run. Some days you have good runs, some days you don't and yesterday was not a good one. There were several reasons it wasn't good. First, because of weather conditions - it was raining at the beginning and we were all pretty well soaked. I was definitely grateful I got the water resistant jacket, but it was still wet and windy! Secondly, I was really tired... I have not been sleeping the best and it's hard enough to run when you're well rested, but when you're not it's even harder! Thirdly, life has been kind of "lifey" lately - just a lot going on causing some stress in my life and it's been hard to get the training in like I've needed to. These are NOT excuses, but reasons why my run just wasn't a great run yesterday. It was a big accomplishment to do it in spite of all this "stuff" and I feel awesome that I ran a 20K even though, as I said at the beginning of the run, "I'm just not feelin' it!" Several friends reminded me today that most people will never go out and run a 20K so no matter what my time was, the fact that I did it was HUGE!

So, now it is 19 weeks until the marathon. Right now it seems like an impossible task. However, "impossible" is not in my dictionary. I am going to take one day at a time and do the very best I can with the training and I will go out there and complete the marathon... because as you all know by now... I'm not stubborn, I'm just determined! I'm exhausted tonight and hoping for a good night sleep. I'm going to set my alarm for an early morning run and hope to get at least 3 miles in before going to work tomorrow.