Friday, June 3, 2011

Emotional Health

Well, this might be a record for the number of times I've posted in a week. But, I guess I just have a lot to say this week!

Last night I was watching a re-run of Dr. Phil. I don't think I've ever watched a complete episode, but this caught my attention. The woman he was talking to was with a man, the father of her child, and he consistently cheated on her. Dr. Phil asked her if she thought she deserved being treated better and she said "No". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. She knew he cheated and yet she stayed with him... she "accepted" his behavior even though she didn't like it. I found myself being critical of her and not understanding how she could do that. Then, I realized that for many months I allowed myself to be treated very poorly by David. While I wouldn't say, like this woman did, that I didn't deserve better. I knew I deserved better than to be treated the way he was treating me, but I was convinced that having "true love" for him meant standing by him regardless. When I got done watching the show I prayed and realized that if he had really loved me, like he said he did, he wouldn't be treating me the way he was. I realized that I allowed him to keep treating me that way by standing by him. I did NOT deserve to be treated that way and if he had truly loved me he wouldn't have done what he did. I deserve to have someone love me the way that I loved him. I am worth far more than being dismissed the way he dismissed me. I find myself conflicted... I love the David that I met and spent many months with, but I don't have those same feelings of love for the David who treated me so poorly and hurt me so bad. I have pity for that David, I have concern for that David, I pray for that David that God would soften his heart and make him the man God wants him to be.

I took my Grandma's wedding ring off my ring finger and just have her engagement ring on that finger now. It is now my "Promise to God" ring. I promise that I will seek to live my life with God as the center of my heart. I promise that I will not settle for anything other than God's very best for me in any relationship I have in the future. I've realized that I deserve SO much better than how David treated me at the end of our relationship. This is a new beginning for me and I'm so thankful for where God has brought me! ♥

Seeking whole health...


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day!

Today is National Running Day! I know I've posted blogs two days in a row, but since it is National Running Day I thought I should definitely post something.

I got home today and was really not feeling like going on my 5 mile jog/walk that I had planned. However, I had posted on Twitter and Facebook that I was going so I figured I had to! Besides, getting up and moving is the best thing to do after a chiropractic adjustment. So, I got off my duff and hit the pavement!

I wasn't really feeling it... I just didn't have the oomph that I had yesterday. But, I carried on... walking and jogging and just listening to my body so as not to overdo it. As I was going, I was alone with my thoughts as usual. I was thinking about progress I have made over the past several months.

Number one: I no longer dread the thought of the 20th of each month, in fact many months it goes by without a thought!

Number two: I can walk/jog through the park David and I spent a lot of time in without tears streaming down my face.

Number three: While there's still a part of me that loves David and I will always care for him, I know that I am not responsible for his behavior. The best I can do for him is pray that God would work in his heart.

These are just some of the thoughts I had as I was walking/jogging today. It was very healing emotionally to think about these things. So, while today wasn't a walk/jog for the record books... I still did it and it had benefit for my emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kickin' ass and takin' names!!

OK, I usually don't update this often... but I had to write about my run tonight! First of all this was a scheduled day "off" but it was so nice out and I was feeling so good after my counseling appointment that I decided to head out for a 2 miler. I noticed my walking warm up pace was about my jogging pace from yesterday and thought - hmmm... wonder what my jogging pace will be?? Once I started I noticed I was going quite a bit faster than yesterday but not feeling like it. So, I kept it up... keeping an eye on my Garmin to try to keep my pace up while also listening to my body. At mile one I was about ONE minute faster than my pace yesterday! I kept it up... trying to push a little bit to keep the pace and at mile 2 I finished at ONE and a HALF minutes FASTER than my pace yesterday. Granted, I went further yesterday but I really felt great and certainly did not feel like I was going that much faster.

Today gave me a real boost of confidence that I am really taking a lot of the right steps - pun intended :-) - toward getting back in running shape and meeting my goal of taking about 30 minutes off of my marathon time.

It also taught me a big lesson. As I was running I was thinking about my overall goals of getting myself healthy emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. Doing that takes the same type of work. I need to be consistent and focused as I work toward my emotional health and spiritual health as well.

So... for now, heading to bed to relax and pray before I go to sleep for the night. Good sleep is helpful for ALL of my health goals!

Blessings to all...



I jogged 3 and a HALF miles non-stop!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

WOW! Time flies!!

I was thinking today while I was out on a walk that I hadn't posted in a while. I certainly didn't realize it had been almost a full month! Well, in the month since I won the bodybugg I have lost 10 pounds. I have been doing much better on my eating healthy and getting out to exercise. I jogged a full 3 miles without stopping which is the most I had done in a long time. I am doing another 5K this coming Saturday in Story City. I am hoping that as I continue losing weight and am consistent with my exercising that I can get myself back into running shape. I want to do the marathon in less than 6 1/2 hours. Last year I did it in just under 7 hours.

I am going to try to be more consistent in my blogging - but it is MORE important to be consistent in my eating healthy and exercising!

Until next time... I'm running the race to the finish!!