Friday, November 4, 2011

Top 120 Reasons

I "stole" this idea from a friend. He made a list of reasons he wants to lose weight - one reason for every pound he wants to lose. I don't know how much I need to lose, but I'm guessing around 120 pounds. So.... here's my list of 120 reasons I want to lose the weight:
120 So that I never have to spend hours on a Friday night making a list like this again!
119 To be able to push away a plate of food because I'm full
118 I want to shop in normal stores and wear normal clothes
117 So I could learn to keep ice cream in my freezer without eating an entire half gallon in 2 days (or less)
116 So that shaving my legs isn't so difficult
115 So that I no longer fear the scale
114 So when I go to the Dr. I don't need to wear two gowns to go around my body
113 To not worry about my pants ripping
112 Because I'm worth it!
111 So that I don't have to talk myself out of going through a drive thru every time I go by a restaurant
110 To wake up in the morning and feel energized and ready to face the day
109 To not hate looking in the mirror or see my reflection in a window
108 To be able to enjoy my food and not just shove it in to try to "satisfy" my craving
107 To not take references to "overweight people" personally
106 To never again put on a "one size fits all" shirt and have it NOT fit me
105 To not be self conscious eating in front of other people
104 To finally wear a bra that fits without digging into me
103 So I can fit in a booth comfortably in a restaurant
102 So that I could order clothes from a catalog and not worry about them not fitting
101 So I can wear shorts again
100 To turn heads for that second look instead of getting the "What were you thinking look".
99 So I will not be embarrassed in crowds
98 So that I don't struggle to pick something up off the floor
97 Because I'd love to go out with friends and DANCE
96 To decrease my risk of stroke
95 To improve my memory
94 To improve my mood
93 To reduce my risk of arthritis
92 To decrease foot pain
91 So that my workouts will be more fun
90 So I am not tired all the time
89 To reduce my risk of cancer
88 To be an inspiration for others to live healthy lives
87 So I can hopefully be able to stop taking heartburn medicine every day
86 To improve my confidence
85 To improve my endurance
84 So that I am in control of what I eat rather than the food controlling me
83 I can bend over to tie my shoes without struggling
82 So I can wrap a regular towel around myself when I get out of the shower and not have to use a huge bath sheet
81 So I can help others who struggle with their weight
80 So I don't feel the need to hide behind someone when I have my picture taken
79 So I don't dread short sleeve weather
78 So I don't have to worry about clothes fitting when the seasons change
77 So I can not dread getting my picture taken
76 To not dread getting on the scale when I go to the Dr.
75 Because I'm tired of having to have multiple sizes of things for various weights
74 Because losing and gaining and losing and gaining is very hard on the heart
73 So that I can wear jeans with cute designs on the pocket and not cover them up with my shirt
72 To improve my emotional health
71 To improve my quality of life
70 To improve my cholesterol
69 To improve my blood pressure
68 So I can wear my "Marathon Finisher" sweatshirt
67 Because it's time to finally get some victory in this area of my life
66 To fit into my Grandma's long black winter coat
65 To have more energy
64 So I can sit in a lawn chair without being afraid I am going to break it
63 Because God is worth sacrificing what I think I want for what I know is right
62 Because I don't want food to be an idol in my life
61 Because I want to eat to live, not live to eat
60 My short & spiky hair would look much cuter on a smaller body
59 So my back won't hurt as much
58 Because I liked it better when I felt more like 1/2 my age
57 Because I need to stop the weight loss/weight gain cycle
56 Because I'm tired of feeling like being fat defines me
55 Because my life depends on it
54 So I can sleep better
53 So that I can sit with my legs crossed
52 So that I can be an example of not giving up
51 So I can start getting rid of clothes that are too big and stop putting away the ones that are too small for "someday"
50 Because I want to be a personal trainer and help others on their journey
49 To be a good example to my friends' kids
48 To be able to wear a shirt tucked in
47 Because I've spent most of my life overweight or obese and I'd like to spend the rest of it HEALTHY
46 To wear a swimsuit without a t-shirt over it because I'm too self conscious
45 Because failure is not an option
44 Because I can!
43 Because I'd love to run a marathon when I'm 100 years old
42 So kids don't ask me if I"m pregnant
41 Because my knees will thank me
40 To go hiking in the mountains
39 So I could wear a cute pair of cowboy boots
38 Because I could save SO much money that I have wasted on food
37 Because I need to find a healthy outlet for my emotions instead of running to food
36 Because gluttony is a sin and yet I keep going back to it
35 So I can look in the mirror and see the person that I feel like inside
34 So that if I run into someone from high school they won't recognize me right away
33 Because I have a cute "little black dress" hanging in my closet that I have never worn
32 Because, believe it or not, EVERY NOW AND THEN I like to dress up
31 Because I want to get my belly button pierced, but need to find it first! :-P
30 So I fit comfortably in movie theater seats
29 Because I really only need one chin
28 Because I have aortic valve stenosis and being overweight and eating unhealthy can cause more problems
27 Because I have history of cancer in my family
26 Because I have history of heart disease in my family
25 So I can feel comfortable in my own skin
24 To compete in a triathlon
23 To run a marathon in less than 5 hours
22 To run a 1/2 marathon in 2 1/2 hours
21 To run a 10K in less than an hour
20 To run a 5K in less than 30 minutes
19 To get my life back
18 Because I never want to feel sick from going on an eating binge again
17 Because I hate thinking about food all the time
16 So I can eat like a normal person
15 So I can see my feet without having to look over my belly
14 So I can wear regular clothes
13 I'm tired of struggling to get up off the couch
12 I love to run and want to be able to run without hurting my joints because of the excess weight
11 I hate having such a hard time getting up off the floor when I do sit down
10 I hate not being able to sit comfortably on the floor
9 I'm tired of the discomfort that comes from being so overweight
8 Because I am NOT stubborn - just determined!
7 To be a witness of all things being possible through Christ!
6 To be a good example to others
5 To feel better
4 To be able to fit into the clothes in my closet
3 To not be out of breath walking up the stairs
2 To be healthy
1 To glorify and honor the Lord

Starting over.... again.... it's really all just a journey isn't it?

So, finished the 1/2 marathon... determined to get back on track with the healthy eating and exercising regularly... and... FAIL!

I have not been doing well, at all! Tomorrow I am meeting with a personal trainer at a gym in Ankeny. I am determined to get back to the discipline of eating healthy and exercising regularly. I have a plan to run a 1/2 marathon in April and a full marathon in October next year. Overall, I just want to honor God in everything - including my body - and to just be healthy!!

I feel like I'm always starting over, but it is really all just a journey. I know I will continue to stumble... but I will keep getting back up every time and keep pressing on toward the goal!