Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kickin' ass and takin' names!!

OK, I usually don't update this often... but I had to write about my run tonight! First of all this was a scheduled day "off" but it was so nice out and I was feeling so good after my counseling appointment that I decided to head out for a 2 miler. I noticed my walking warm up pace was about my jogging pace from yesterday and thought - hmmm... wonder what my jogging pace will be?? Once I started I noticed I was going quite a bit faster than yesterday but not feeling like it. So, I kept it up... keeping an eye on my Garmin to try to keep my pace up while also listening to my body. At mile one I was about ONE minute faster than my pace yesterday! I kept it up... trying to push a little bit to keep the pace and at mile 2 I finished at ONE and a HALF minutes FASTER than my pace yesterday. Granted, I went further yesterday but I really felt great and certainly did not feel like I was going that much faster.

Today gave me a real boost of confidence that I am really taking a lot of the right steps - pun intended :-) - toward getting back in running shape and meeting my goal of taking about 30 minutes off of my marathon time.

It also taught me a big lesson. As I was running I was thinking about my overall goals of getting myself healthy emotionally and spiritually as well as physically. Doing that takes the same type of work. I need to be consistent and focused as I work toward my emotional health and spiritual health as well.

So... for now, heading to bed to relax and pray before I go to sleep for the night. Good sleep is helpful for ALL of my health goals!

Blessings to all...


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