Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting Back to Basics

I have really been struggling with getting back to what I know to do regarding my eating and exercise. I tried jumping back into exercise full force and paid for it with pain in my foot and hip and lower back. So, I decided that starting this week I will be doing 15 minutes a day on my elliptical which was so graciously given to me by some friends from church. Then I will add 5 minutes a day each week and by the time marathon training gets around in a few weeks I should be back into routine.

Because of my injuries I have realized it would be foolish to try to run/walk/jog the Dam to Dam 20k this weekend. I am going to do the 5k instead so I don't risk injuring myself further.

I also wanted to share what I have been doing regarding my "diet". It's not really a diet at all, it's getting back to what I did when I lost over 100 lbs several years ago. My counselor recommended this website setting captives free which is a 60 day Bible Study and talks about getting back to listening to the hunger signals God has given us and eating when we are hungry and only when we are hungry. God has given us these hunger signals for a reason and it is important to listen to them. This is where I found success before but I put it aside and went back to my old way of eating and gained the weight back. I have been running to food for comfort instead of God, I have been running to food when I'm lonely instead of God - I run to food for so many things when I know they can only be found in God. This is in the process of changing through this study, prayer, and accountability (Thanks Debra and Susan).

Just wanted to write a bit of an update on Dam to Dam and how things are going with my exercising and eating plan. I continue to press on and will not give up - I know God wants me to live a life that honors Him in all I do and that is what I am seeking to do.

Pressing On,


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