Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Simple Gesture of a Hug

The simplicity of a hug can sometimes make all the difference. Last week at church one of the youth came up to me and said, "I want a hug, get on it!" and this week a friend came up to me as I was talking with someone and said, "I just want to give you a hug." It's not that this has never happened before - I get and give lots of hugs. It just struck me that two weeks in a row two different people very intentionally approached me for a hug. A hug seems like such a simple thing, and it is simple, but the more I contemplate it the more I realize there is so much more to it.

  • First, typically you don't hug a complete stranger. A hug insinuates there is a meaningful relationship between two people... there is a certain amount of closeness, a love for each other that is shared.
  • Secondly, a hug is one of those things that you don't just get... you give at the same time you are getting. It's really a beautiful thing - the reciprocation between two people of love and friendship. Last week the person who approached me said she wanted a hug; this week the person who approached me said she wanted to give me a hug... however both weeks, I both gave and received a hug.

It seems so simple, and in reality it is simple, but it signifies a certain bond of friendship and love in a really beautiful way. I am blessed to have friends who, whether they need a hug, want to give me a hug, or both, freely approach me and know they will be met with open arms.

I continue to be...

Unbelievably blessed,


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