Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Grats

Yesterday morning on the way to work I was completely awed by the moon - it was SO bright... I did some reflecting (no pun intended) on it as I was driving - and a blog post on my other blog will follow later. But, for now I wanted to share this picture - my phone doesn't do it near the justice it deserves, but it was all I had. It truly lit up the sky and was amazing - it was the morning before the full moon so it wasn't quite full but it was AMAZING!

Today I am thankful for:

  • the beauty of God's creation and how He speaks Truth through it.
  • a nice afternoon yesterday hanging out with a teenage girl from church who has had her fair share of "suck" in life. I love blogging and writing, but sharing one on one with someone is amazing and I thank God for the opportunity to be in this girl's life and pray that He can use me in her life.
  • a relaxing evening of doing nothing - just relaxing and NOT thinking!
  • being able to get some things done today even though my brain is feeling disjointed and discombobulated.
  • that even though I am not walking/jogging/running in the Marathon or Half Marathon tomorrow, God has given me grace in dealing with myself through the process. I wrote more about that in my other blog.
  • a three day weekend... I have some stuff I really want to get caught up on and am looking forward to some extra time to get things done. I am grateful for a boss who believes a football game is a completely legitimate reason for taking a day off of work!
  • my church family... I am reminded every day for the many reasons I have to be grateful for them. They are such a blessing.
  • a good time visiting with a friend today while she was out doing some "retail therapy." I always enjoy talking to her and she helped me so much by just listening as I was dealing with an awkward situation with a friend. It helped just being able to talk out loud about it, and even though I felt a little bad because she probably wanted to talk through some of "her" stuff, she willingly listened. Good friends are such a blessing and I am indeed blessed.
  • not having anything planned tonight. I am planning on enjoying a nice relaxing evening at home and getting to bed early so I don't mess up my sleep schedule too badly!
With gratitude,


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