Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quick Grats for the Day!

  • I'm so thankful for constant reminders of God's steadfast love!
  • I'm grateful for grace! No matter how often I screw up... and I DO screw up... God's grace NEVER EVER lets me down.
  • I'm grateful that I was able to look at my budget and figure out I can get Internet back at home. It's been a bit stressful without it... trying to do my website, some changes I want to do, blogging, etc. I will be going with local service from Huxley this time and look forward to much better service than I had before! I know many friends who are very happy with them. 
  • I'm grateful for a meeting with my mentor this afternoon. She has such a loving spirit and is so encouraging and challenges me to be more like Christ every day!
  • I'm grateful for friends... without them I'd be a mess! I am truly blessed with the BEST friends!
With gratitude,


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