Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blessed Beyond Measure

  • I am grateful today for the cooler weather.  I love this time of year and truly enjoy having my windows open and snuggling under a blanket because of the cool breeze coming into my apartment.
  • I am grateful today for a wonderful morning of worship.  I love singing praises to my Lord and being under the teaching of God's Word.  We wrapped up a series on the Hope of Heaven today and as if I wasn't already longing for Heaven, the longing is even stronger now.  I'm thankful for sweet fellowship with my family after the service.  I am truly blessed beyond measure.
  • I am grateful for washing machines being available when I went to do my laundry. I spent several years in an apartment with my own washer and dryer and got quite spoiled.  I am grateful that today I didn't have to wait, but could get my laundry going when I wanted to.  Sometimes it really is the little things!
  • I am grateful for the Sabbath. I need this day especially this week as I've been feeling especially overwhelmed.  I'm thankful for time to relax, watch football, do some writing and snuggle with my kitties.
  • I am grateful for God helping me to write a "thank you" card that was especially difficult to write.  Being a writer, I can usually find words to express myself, but this one was hard... my words seem so inadequate to express the depth of gratitude to this special person in my life.
  • I am grateful that the lies of the enemy are being smothered by the Truth of Christ!
  • I am grateful that no matter how I feel, God always remains the same... His character doesn't change no matter how I feel.
With gratitude,

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