Sunday, August 25, 2013

#StartExp Day 14 - Time Magazine Article

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This morning I woke up to this assignment in an e-mail from Jon (I can just use his first name by now, right? I mean we ARE following each other on Twitter and everything - we can be on a first name basis, right?) Oh... and yes, as a matter of fact I posted this picture on a friend's Facebook wall just to taunt him... he's like a brother to me - I'm allowed to do that too, right? ;-)

Anyway - this was the assignment:

This one will feel a little, maybe even a lot, silly. Today, I want you to write 100-250 words from your Time Magazine article. Didn’t realize you’re in Time? You’re not, yet. But someday you might be and right now I want you to write what that article will say. Mine would say, “In the summer of 2013, Jon Acuff turned a corner. In the midst of a long hot June, he decided to sell out his event. And he did!” It doesn’t have to be well written. Just write it!
This was a pretty easy and exciting assignment for me. I found myself at the keyboard right away just typing away. so here it is... MY Time Magazine article...

In the Summer of 2013, Sherri Adelman found herself at a crossroads. She was having a crisis of faith, going through a serious bout of depression, feeling completely hopeless, really just wanting to die and for God to take her home. Then she had an idea - she had this blog and knowing that she didn’t actually own it she decided she needed to copy and paste all the posts into a document since there was no way to export the text.  She had to do this for her own sanity because her heart and soul was poured out in this blog. In the process of doing this she saw how God had worked in her life in the past, she saw His hand in her life and she was encouraged by her very own words. Then Jon Acuff rolled out the #StartExp (round 2) in his blog and she saw it - "Willing to take a risk? Willing to step out of your comfort zone? Sign up here. This post will disappear in 24 hours." (or something to that affect) She signed up without a second thought not knowing what she was in for. She got the first e-mail from Jon about a week after she had been near rock bottom. She identified her risk - she was going to write a book, something friends had told her she should do for years. This was a defining moment and it changed her life. Sherri “punched fear in the face”

For the record - this came in at exactly 250 words - phew.... I didn't want to fail this assignment! :-)

Loving this journey and all that God is doing through it!


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