Monday, August 12, 2013

"Over-blog" Much?

First let me say - to those who receive my blogs via e-mail... I am fully aware
that I am posting a lot lately. Aside from my recent revelation that writing a book is probably something I am going to pursue, I also joined Jon Acuff's "Start Experiment" (to learn more about Jon, if you are interested just Google him - not gonna take the time to explain here). He is an author - I have 2 of his books, neither of which I have completed - barely scanned is more like it... :-) But, in one of his blogs he put out a call to anyone willing to take a risk and be part of an experiment for 24 days. I joined and am part of 2 groups (one for authors and one for bloggers). I had to identify a risk - my risk is publicly admitting I am planning to try to write and publish a book. Next step was to identify 1-3 actions. Mine are simple: 1st (which I did this weekend) is copying/pasting my blog and printing it out so I have it in a more manageable form to look through and decide what might go into the book. My 2nd action is to blog every day for these 24 days.

OK, so you are asking yourself, why multiple blogs a day? Well, a lot is going on in my head and this is how I process. If you don't want to read it all I am not offended - just delete it - or read it later if you want. This is just what I need to do right now. One of Jon's saying is to "Punch Fear in the Face" and that's what I'm trying to do... putting aside my fears and just going for it!

Punching Fear in the Face,


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