Monday, August 12, 2013

More on Love Languages

I was thinking about my "Love Language Quiz" results today. I talked about how my highest one is Words of Affirmation (scoring 10 out of a possible 12) in a recent post. My others were as follows:

7 Quality Time
6 Receiving Gifts
5 Physical Touch
2 Acts of Service

There were some things about this that surprised me. They say that the love language you are highest in is the one you also most often use to express love to others. While I do think this is true, for the most part I also was thinking about how much joy it brings me to give others gifts. I LOVE giving someone something that I just KNOW they are going to love... it brings my heart great joy to do this. However - I don't really care much about getting gifts. I mean, sure, if it's something I have really wanted, of course I will thoroughly enjoy it. However I am the opposite of a hoarder - I am a minimalist and don't like STUFF.

I was also a bit surprised that acts of service was so low - I love to serve and help others and find myself often in situations where I jump up to help when there is a need. I love being able to help to meet needs.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with all of this... I guess overall I am not surprised by my results and would say they probably fairly accurately depict my love languages.


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