Thursday, August 8, 2013


After spending all day cutting and pasting my 179 blog posts since April 9, 2010 so I can have back up in case my blog site should crash, I thought it was appropriate to post a little something.

  • I have had a really bad week
  • I have been struggling a lot
  • I have wondered how I would make it through some days
  • I have struggled with doubts in my faith
  • I have had little to no energy
  • I have been just barely hanging on and surviving
I had been researching how to export the text of my blogs for about a month and had found nothing. So I realized I needed to cut and paste it all into a text document so I can back it up digitally and have a hard copy. My heart and soul is in these writings and I can not risk it getting lost in cyberspace. The reason for doing this was purely practical.

However, in the process I learned a lot...

  • I'm a really good writer
  • I actually may have material and a story to tell in a book
  • This book dream may be much more than a dream
  • God has clearly and very evidently been working in my life
  • God has been very present through the journey I have been on
  • God has been faithful
  • God continually teaches me new things about Himself
  • Reading my own writing turned into something very therapeutic
I am so grateful for how God took something I was doing for mere practicality and used it to speak into my life... further evidence of the reality of God.


  • even though I am still struggling
  • even though I am going through a lot of grief
  • even though there is a lot of pain in my heart
  • even though I'm hurting deeply...
I am also encouraged and hopeful... I am extremely grateful and realize how absolutely unbelievably blessed I am. I know God is not going to leave me alone on this journey - He has brought me this far, He's not going to leave me here.

Tonight I go to bed with an overwhelming peace that truly passes all understanding.



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