Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On Not Thinking Inside the Box

As most everyone probably knows, there is a time when we have to put our thoughts away for a while. When I go into work every day, if I took with me all the stuff running around in my mind, I would never get anything done at work... and likely wouldn't have a job today. So, before I go into work I try to take all the "junk" and put it away while I work. This works well most of the time... at least I'm still employed anyway! 

My problem lately has been that just getting through the work day and surviving each day and doing what I HAVE to do when I get home (feed the kitties, prepare lunch for the next day, exercise - which hasn't been happening, shower, etc.) is about all I have energy for. My counselor and I talked the other day about how much energy it takes to go through the process of healing. Right now I barely have the energy to survive, let alone do a lot of the work necessary toward my healing. I do know that writing helps and I have been doing that - but there is so much other stuff I need to do. I have an online workshop with videos that I need to be working on - I have books to be reading - I have time to set aside to just let myself deal with some grieving I need to
do.... but right now all that stuff is in a box all locked up and it is overwhelming to think about opening that box up. I know I need to... I know I will... I just don't know when.

I actually saw a storage basket similar to this one at the Dollar Store the other day and am considering getting one to put some of the paperwork and books dealing with my healing process in one place. Then when I am able - I can get the box out and deal with things. Being an organizer - perhaps getting these things more organized would help to make it all more manageable.

Now, if only there were a way to take all the junk in my brain out and put it all in its own individual box to deal with when I have time.

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