Friday, July 26, 2013

Boxes... Well, Crates Anyway

My last post I talked about the need to sometimes put away our thoughts - for example, when we are at work and can't spend time focusing on our problems or griefs we are experiencing. Being a bit of an organizational freak, I decided to get a box - which ended up being two crates - to put books I have read or want to read regarding my counseling, healing, and processing. I also have a couple of binders - one with printouts from a video workshop I am working on and another with my work from a 60 day online Bible Study I have been doing (although I am on day 41 and haven't done anything in a couple weeks - but I will finish it). I have a file folder with some things my counselor gave me to work on. I have room for more file folders if the need arises. If I tried to tackle all of this at once I would probably implode, but now that it is all organized I can take out what I need to when I have the energy to deal with it. In the meantime, it is OK for some things to stay in the box (or crate) until I can get to it... in God's time.

This morning I realized I was emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausted. This has been a trying week. So, for tonight, I am taking my Bible and a devotion book to the coffee shop where I plan to sit and just spend time in God's Word. Tomorrow I have a nap planned at 1 p.m. - it is an appointment with myself that I will not miss... it will happen and I am not setting an alarm - I will sleep as long as my body needs to sleep.

I do feel much better having things all organized nice and neatly - and in GREEN crates! 

Just Breathing,


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