Saturday, March 23, 2013

What's For Lunch Next Week?

I wasn't really hungry for supper tonight, but wanted to go ahead and fix something to take for my lunches next week so I would have that done. I had no idea what I was going to do... I grabbed some Broccoli Slaw that I had found on sale and put it in the freezer, so I put that and some water chesnuts and celery in a pan with some garlic, cayenne pepper and a little five spice powder and a little olive oil. While that was cooking, I cooked some whole wheat elbow pasta. I combined it all after it was done cooking - added some rice wine vinegar and a dash of hot oil. I entered it on my "Lose It" website and per serving (it made about 7 servings) it is just over 150 calories. It hardly took any time at all to cook and I had some tonight and it was really filling and light and delicious. I know some people have to have a recipe to cook, but me... I typically look to see what I have on hand and start throwing it together. I know what flavors I like and I just toss stuff together and see how it turns out. I've never ruined anything to the point of not eating it. I'm trying to keep better track of what I'm putting in so I can enter it as a recipe on my "Lose It" site and track my calories.  Because I cook this way I seldom have the same thing twice - I might create something similar - just depends what I have on hand. This one is definitely a winner! Yummy!

On an unrelated note - this is what my "kids" have been up to most of the day. I love how each of them seem to have an eye on the other one just to make sure no one is making a move. They actually laid like this for quite a while. Buddy eventually changed positions and had one paw covering his face and was snoring away. Some days I wish I was a cat - they have a pretty tough life as you can see. :-)

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