Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Is THIS?

I imagine, 20 years from now... maybe less, a Pastor from the pulpit saying to the congregation, "If you'll now take out your electronic device and click to open your Bible App to Proverbs... " I admit I LOVE the convenience of having my Bible App on my phone and being able to have it at a moment's notice, being able to search for phrases or verses quickly... and if I can't find it in the Bible App I can just Google it.

(remember in school when they said, "you'll need this when you grow up..." Yeah... no.... I was at the store today, couldn't remember how many ounces were in a pint for sure so I Googled it while standing at the dairy case....)

But, I digress... Yesterday I got out an actual Bible, held it in my hand, turned pages, underlined with a pen verses that spoke to me, convicted me... It was a completely different experience from the "digital one". While, I believe there is value in the digital versions, and I do love me some technology... but, there's just something about holding a book in my hand, feeling the paper and the pages....

I feel a little bad for kids today who won't experience that nearly as much as I did growing up. I remember dragging my Daddy to the library to get "more books" in the middle of the week as I had gone through the stack we got on the weekend. I do embrace the technology and love many aspects of it... but nothing will ever replace that feeling of holding a book in my hand. 

What about you? 


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