Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WHAT Have I Done?????

I don't know how many times I said, "I will never sign up to run Dam to Dam again." I ran it once and it was rainy and humid (the start is pictured here) Dam to Dam is always the Saturday after Memorial Day - you never know how hot it could be. However, because for some reason it takes a race to motivate me to get my butt moving - which I desperately need to do - I have officially registered for Dam to Dam on June 1, 2013.

I deferred my registration for the IMT Des Moines Marathon I registered for last year so I am already signed up for it in October and I have NOT been good about getting back to exercising. Half marathon training plans are 12 weeks long and this is only 10 1/2 weeks away.... UGH

Well - this is it - time to get serious. Come June 1st Sherri will be running - or most likely running/jogging/walking a 20K. I can't believe I'm doing this again. My reward will be this:

Another finisher medal. But really my reward will be much greater - I will be healthier in every aspect. Getting out and running is so good for me physically, but it also helps my mental and spiritual state in so many ways. It is an awesome time to spend time in God's creation, listening to praise music, listening to the birds sing, praying... Ahhhh.... even though it is frigid out now (someone needs to tell Mother Nature TODAY is the first day of SPRING!!!) it will warm up and maybe since it is staying cold longer it won't be too hot on June 1st.... I can only hope! I'm all registered so now I just need to start putting one foot in front of the other and get moving!!!

Running the race to the finish,



  1. Get going girlie. I don't like running much but I signed up for a Color Vibe 5K with my 13 yr old daughter.

    Good luck on your training. I will be watching you. @-@

  2. I am one of those crazy people who LOVE to run - I just need to get my butt back in gear. I did a Color Run 5K last summer - it was a lot of fun - I mostly walked but it was fun. We got a group from church together to do it. This year I am probably only doing this 20K and the marathon since it is already paid for.... maybe... maybe a local 5K or 10K this summer. I can definitely use all the encouragement I can get! Thanks friend and hope all is well with you! <3