Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Three years ago tomorrow is the day David and I talked about getting married. He had paid for the repair and sizing of my Grandma's engagement ring and wedding band and I had purchased his wedding band (a tungsten carbide ring for its toughness - only problem is they can never be re-sized) So, when things went south I was stuck with his ring. A friend had been holding onto it for me as I couldn't stand to have it in my possession. I got it back from them yesterday and went and sold it. I didn't get very much for it, not nearly what I paid for it, but because they can't be re-sized they are harder to resell. I try to console myself that I would have paid the money to fix my Grandma's rings eventually so I wasn't really out any money (although truthfully, if I had waited and not bought his ring, I would have been ahead) But, there is no redoing what has been done. I decided to take a little bit of the money and get myself another ring to symbolize the hope that I have found over the past few months that has been missing for over 2 years.

I found this ring on e-bay today for under $15 and bought it. It should arrive on Saturday.

I did some research about emeralds and found out some interesting things that make me love this choice even more:

  • Green, by nature is the most calming of all the colors on the color wheel and encourages growth, reflection, peace, balance, and healing.
  • Emerald green also suggests the concept of eternity as the color green constantly renews itself in nature.
  • The emerald is also a symbol of faith and hope.
  • Because of its green color they are also associated with rebirth and spring and open the door to new possibilities.
The ring also has the Celtic Trinity symbol on each side and while this symbol has many meanings, one of them is that of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

After doing this research I am more convinced than ever that this is the perfect ring to give to myself using some of the money I got from the ring I sold. 

After I sold the ring yesterday I felt such a freedom - the very last physical link to David I had in my life is gone. As I e-mailed a friend "Free at last! Free at last!" 

I will wear this ring as an encouragement for growth, reflection and peace as I continue to seek after balance and healing in my heart and life. I will wear this new ring as a reminder of the faith and hope that I have in Christ, my reliance on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I will wear this ring as a commitment to God to not settle for anything less than His best for me - even if it means being single until I die. 

Hopeful, oh so very hopeful,



  1. That is a very beautiful ring. It's nice to meet you. :) Melinda

  2. Thanks Melinda - the real beauty to me is what is symbolizes! :-)