Monday, January 7, 2013

Truth Is...

* This was actually posted January 3, 2013 - I changed the date so it would show up in the right year as it was listed in 2012 since it was written in the last week of 2012, which was also the first week of 2013. :-)

For any of you who are familiar with Facebook, you are familiar with the fad for teens to put "Truth is..." on their status update and then if their friends "like" the status they will write a "Truth is" statement on their friends Facebook wall. Well, this has been burning in my heart today to write a "Truth is..." blog post. So, buckle up here it goes...

Most of the time when I write a blog I am very careful about how I come across... I want people to know that I deeply love God and that I have a deep faith in Christ. And, while this is always true...the truth is I don't always feel that way.

  • truth is there are days where I cry much more than I smile or laugh.
  • truth is sometimes the pain in my heart  is much to heavy for me to bear.
  • truth is there are days I wonder what purpose God has for me being on this earth.
  • truth is I sometimes feel completely alone even in a room full of people.
  • truth is there are days I literally drag myself out of bed in the morning to just do what I HAVE to do to survive.
  • truth is sometimes I feel like nothing but a failure.
  • truth is there are days I just want to crawl into a hole and hide.
  • truth is sometimes I have to force myself to Read God's Word, Pray, Meditate on Him through music.
  • truth is there are days I just want to rebel and do EVERYTHING I know I shouldn't do.
  • truth is sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and chuck my faith.
I feel like I need to say, that just because I feel this way sometimes - I remain rooted in my love for God and faith in Christ. But, sometimes the best thing you can tell someone who is feeling one of these ways I listed, or struggling with something is, "That sucks, I'm really sorry." Because really, when I'm in this mode, I don't need to hear some list of all of the "Truths of God" - I know all that stuff and remain rooted there, but sometimes life just does suck (saying something "super spiritual" to someone who is really struggling is sometimes what is needed, but be wary of the Jesus Juke - (If you're not familiar with the term Jesus Juke -read about it here)

Anyway, that's what's on my heart today - just felt the need to share the truth of where I live some days,


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