Sunday, March 6, 2011

New start, take 2!

Well, last week I determined to get back in my routine of getting back to the gym on a regular basis. My plan was to go every day after work and walk 2 miles. Monday was good and I was feeling great. Then I had the accident on Tuesday. I did make it to the gym again Wednesday, although it took me 43 minutes to walk 2 miles. Thursday I was busy running around test driving a new car, returning my rental, and buying a new car. Friday a friend and I went to my truck to get everything out of it, get the plates, and I had my counseling appointment. By the time I was done with all of that I was exhausted. Saturday I thought I might go to the gym, but a friend wanted to go to Des Moines to do some shopping. I am pretty sure I got much more than 2 miles in walking the length of Jordan Creek Mall and Valley West Mall twice. I was beat when we got done. I am still pretty sore and I am sure it will take a while until I can run again, but I am going to get to the gym this week and do 2 miles every day.

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