Monday, January 31, 2011

Up to the Mountain

Down in the valley
surrounded by emptiness

Down in the valley

overwhelmed with brokenness

I trek up the mountain
climbing higher

I need a place to go
away from the muck and mire

I'm beginning a journey
to heal my broken heart
But part of the process
is allowing myself some time apart

So I trek up the mountain
enjoying the beauty all around
I sense peace around me
as I listen to all of nature's sound

As I reach the top of the mountain
and look down below

I see a babbling brook
the water gently flows

I stand atop the mountain
and am in awe of the colors I see
The clouds are so white
The sky so blue, I feel so free

I'm surrounded by
God's love and peace

I feel His touch
through the gentle breeze

The sun begins to set
over the mountain plains
The many colors of the sky
I'm in such awe I can't explain

I'm overwhelmed by

God's mercy and grace
So thankful He's brought me
to this safe place

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