Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long time, no post!

It has been over 2 months since I posted. I really struggled after the marathon. I did the Living History Farms cross country race, but had to walk a lot, even though it was only 7 miles. I had a hard time getting back into running and working out. I was dealing with some personal stuff too and that didn't help. BUT, I am excited as I have some exciting goals for 2011.

Before I share my goals, let me clarify: I do not believe in "New Years Resolutions" as it never fails, we fail. But, I do believe in daily resolutions. Every day is a new day and whatever goals you have before you, whatever God has shown you that needs to change in your life, every day is a new day to strive toward that. Having overall goals to accomplish in a year is a good thing. But, I know myself, I know I am not perfect and no matter what I resolve, stuff happens. Just as the Lord's mercy is new every morning (Lam. 3:22-23) every morning is an opportunity to start anew and seek after the goals set before you.

First of all, I am planning on recording every mile I run over the next year as well as total miles cross training.

Secondly, a great friend, Wendy, is running a half marathon with me on my birthday, April 23rd. We aren't doing an actual "race", but are running 13.1 together here in Ames. Training for that started this last week and I've finally gotten my groove back as far as my workout routine and excitement about running!

Thirdly, I will be completing my second full marathon on October 16, 2011. I am hoping to finish in under 6 hours.

Lastly, but certainly not last in priority, is to be consistent in every area of my life. I need to be consistent in my working out, but also in my eating healthy, spiritual discipline, taking care of my home, etc. I have always struggled with consistency so I am hoping to be more consistent in the next year.

I will seek to be more consistent in blogging as well. I'm gonna shoot for at least once a week!

Looking forward to a great 2011!

Sherri :-)

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