Friday, June 4, 2010

Ready or not....

Well, Dam to Dam is tomorrow... ready or not. I certainly don't feel physically ready. But, as a good friend reminded me today, I am mentally ready. I am determined to do this and know I will accomplish my goal. It's been tough training because of busyness of life and some other "issues" that have impeded my preparation. However, I'm not stubborn... I'm determined and I am absolutely determined to finish this run. I know I will have a great sense of accomplishment once I do, and hopefully it will be a great motivator to really step it up as the Des Moines marathon gets closer and closer... about 4 1/2 months away. I'm just going to go out there tomorrow and have a good time and not worry about my time. My goal for this run is simply to jog the whole thing and not have to stop and walk. I may slow my jog down, but I WILL jog/run the entire 20K! :-)

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