Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rain? Bring it!

Well, I'm officially prepared for running in the rain. The forecast is calling for possible rain this Saturday morning for Dam to Dam. So, I went out today after work and bought a nice lightweight waterproof jacket. It was a little expensive, but it has a lifetime guarantee so it was worth it. Now, I'm all ready for running in the rain. I even went out this afternoon hoping to give it a test run. Well, I found out it runs well... nice and lightweight and breathable, but it didn't get wet. Oh well, I'm sure I'll have another chance and now I'm prepared for Saturday no matter what the weather brings. I got a good 4 1/2 mile run in this afternoon. I'm not feeling very ready for Saturday, but ready or not I'm determined and I know I'll get 'er done! :-)

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