Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fair weathered runner!

I am an admitted fair weather runner. I like it best around 65 degrees with just a slight breeze. I DON'T like running in heat or wind, and REALLY don't like running in heat AND wind. So, when I was driving back to Ames from work this afternoon struggling to keep my truck on the road in 83 degree weather, I was VERY tempted to skip my run today. I almost had it justified... I could make it up later in the week. However, I decided I needed to suck it up and just get out there and DO IT. So, I changed clothes, slathered on the sunscreen, filled my camelback with water and headed out. Just before the end of mile 3 I thought, I am gonnna have to stop and walk a little bit. But, I got to mile 3 and kept plugging away. I slowed down a little bit, but kept going for 2 more miles. I admit that I felt great when I got done for accomplishing what I didn't think I could do. There's just something about pushing yourself beyond your limits that makes you feel great.

On another note.... there's just something about a "thumbs-up" from a fellow runner to help keep you motivated as you're running.

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